About Us

LiGHTwale is a house of attractive Lighting Products to meet your Indoor, Outdoor and Garden needs.

The Lighting Solution that we offer are sourced from reputed manufacturers spread across the globe to cater the requirements of national as well as international clients within a specified frame of time.

Play around with lights and shadows with our huge range of lamps & lights online. We offer a complete selection of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. From stylish Ceiling light fixtures, LED Downlighters, Wall Lights, Pole Lights, Gate Top Lights, Bollards, Outdoor Wall Lights, Up Down Wall Lights, Underwater Lights, Garden Lights, Street Lights and trend-setting Filament Bulbs to thousands of Designer lamps and lamp shades that are in-stock and ready to ship.

Our vast and unique collection of lighting is a combination of both traditional time honoured designs reproduced with precise attention to detail and contemporary creations designed to suit the needs of modern lifestyles.

Our endeavours are directed towards offering our clients the best Lighting solution for every requirement.

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